Edit: Abandoned.

I wrote this a while back but I thought I’ll just keep it to myself but now I have a blog and all so I thought why not post it? Haven’t found a title for it yet and I’m not even close to done but hope you like what I have so far.

Its žMorning, I wake up and everywhere is quiet. What happened to the usual screaming of my mother as she gets beaten by my father? What happened to the usual shouting of my father as he yells at everyone in the house? What happened to the bickering of my sisters and brother and the volume of the TV that is always on the highest. I get out of Bed and go downstairs to find out what must have been going on. As I walk down the stairs; the only noise I hear is the pitapat of my footsteps, I am scared.

I get downstairs the whole living room is scattered, but still, there is no one to be found I have been abandoned again……..

ž“Oh no” I cry to myself. Not again, first it was my father, then my mother gave me up at the tender age of 1 now even my adopted parents. My name is Tumininu Adelaja and I am presently 15 years old. Now I am alone I think of my world; where do I go from here? I do not know anywhere else ‘oh God guide my path” I repeat to myself “help, God help me”, I cry.
I decide to yell out for help thinking they where playing tricks “mama help me, papa please help me, Segun, Seun, Shayo please I beg you help me” I yell, but still no answer. I look at myself; I’m dressed in a tattered robe I look like someone that had been suffering.
I go to the front door as I step outside barefooted I stand in front of the early sun of Lagos “ah” I say with tears rolling down my eyes as I move step by step I see people look at me with disgusted faces as if wondering why someone dressed like this would be coming out of Ikoyi…people are staring, I become self-conscious; suddenly I hear the voice of two girls and a boy screaming out “tumi, tumi” as I turn around I see my brother and sisters “Segun, Sayo and Seun” as I shout their names with the sound of relief in my throat I cross the road and hug them with tears rolling down our eyes.
I ask “where is mama, where is papa” but no answer. I yell out at Segun as he is the eldest but he looks at me as if no sound came from my mouth. I walk into the door of the house they stood by, I see elders; a thought comes into my mind “NO” I shout “no way “I continue to shout as I see my uncle Taiwo žwhich I despised because he always made me remember I wasn’t their blood .
He yelled at me and said “Tumininu take it easy”. “What is going on” I shouted as Segun came into the room and says “wo Tunmininu ; mama ati papa ti ku”. “Yee!! Segun? Kilo so be en fun”? Said Uncle.
My parents were DEAD.
Ah mo ti ku, mo ti ku” I yelled out as everyone came to my aid. “Shut up jare, you are not even their real child. I think its better you take your load and go now that my stupid brother that adopted you is now gone” said Uncle Taiwo, all the other elders look at me and agree with him. “Uncle Taiwo” Seun yells “how could you say such a thing after my father died, now you show your true colours.” Tumininu is our sister…” , before she could conclude uncle Taiwo slapped her and asked her to shut up and insisted that she did not know what she was saying.
I looked at the crisis going on in this little living room at a house which I was unfamiliar with. Everyone is yelling, everyone is bickering but I sit there looking. “Where do I go from here”? Suddenly a man comes into the room dressed in a fine suit and says “ekaaro o” which meant good morning in the native language Yoruba. He introduced his self as Mr.Gbenga Ladejo; my father’s lawyer and he stepped in with a lady miss Annabell Chiagozie, my mother’s lawyer. Mr Taiwo looks at them with a smile on his face as he knows what they are here to do “ah you are welcome” he says.

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