Hey, Okay so some days ago I got this little English assignment to write a story and it has to be suspense filled. I started on one already, but i don’t know whats it about i don’t even know if its good. Well um you guys probably know my other story which i posted here a while ago “Abandoned” ( if you don’t please check my previous posts)

……The room went black. We didn’t know where we were or how we got here all we knew was we were together in a four walled room in the dark. “Aaaaaah” screamed Elena with fright. We all suddenly began to shake. “Why would you shout at a point like this”? shouted Glee replying to Elena’s scream. Everyone began to stutter and shout in confusion. Even the lovebirds Ecec and Yinda who had been together for about a year or two and had never been in a fight couldn’t help but yell at each other. “Zainab” yelled York “Why so quiet”? I shivered then answered “Why talk and make unnecessary remarks to a situation i do not even understand.” Suddenly everyone calmed down and stared at me. It was ass if those words that just poured out of my mouth that seemed to be meaningless had made sense to them.

*Bleep* the lights were on; the room was painted in a light , subtle nature green, with floor to ceiling Chinese in scripted curtains , you could see the dusty tinted windows behind them. There was no furniture except a rusty old looking wardrobe made of wood. York who was very peculiar about art, stood up to look at a piece of art work that was hung on the wardrobe. “B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l” she said taking a breath between each syllable we all moved our heads to examine the painting. I didn’t see anything interesting or peculiar about the painting, just a man with his family in a room that looked exactly like the one we were in. “What’s so beautiful about that, looks like something a 5 year ….” and before Yinda could finish with her statement, there was a crack on the door and there walked in a tall chocolate caramel skinned man; he had a short Afro on and the most beautiful eyes, but i couldn’t help but notice his fern lips . He was wearing a white plain tee shirt, with a black leather jacket and over sized ripped blue jeans and boots. He was such a beautiful sight.

We all stared quietly. Yinda, Ecec, York, Glee and I all gave signals to each other to keep quiet as we weren’t sure of who he was. “What are you and what the fuck are we doing here”? shouted the ever forward Elena. “Oh crap” whispered Glee. The man gave a stern look, he seemed to be annoyed , well obviously. How rude of Elena.

He came in properly shut the door, opened the wardrobe in the corner and brought out a stool. “You sit there” he said pointing at Elena. The thing about Elena was she showed bravery but inside of her was a frightened little girl. ” Me? Why?” she asked with her little silly attitude. “Sit here now” He shouted as he grabbed her and flinged her on to the stool so that she hit her head. “Oww ” she screamed. “Shut up” he replied with a husky voice “Anyone else want to be silly?” he asked. “Now what am i? What are you doing here?” He continued while giggling. “My name is George, why you’re here? I do not know.” and he walked out of the room. Once again it was dark.

so um if you could comment and tell me which one you like better between this and “My hell” i would really appreciate it ’cause i need to know which one to turn in.

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