An unfinished sad story

I woke up to the lovely sunset , I had never seen anything as beautiful, it was so stunning that I had to get off my bed. I ran to the balcony to get a better view; wonderful. It was like a sign that I should hold on tight today, that today might be a different day. It gave me hope; that beautiful sunset. I walked along the corridor, dancing on my way to greet mama to tell her about the sunset, to tell her the good news and the sign I felt it brought.

“I jo ba orun le re o ni baba o” I walked in to mummy singing one of her favourite Lara George songs. “…mumi dele o” I sang back, harmonizing with her.
“Good morning my darling, I hope my singing did’nt disturb you”

“No mummy I was way up before that, your singing is beautiful.”

“Thank you my darling”

“Mummy, guess what I saw, have you been outside? Or opened up your window? Mummy you need to see this, the sunset is beautiful” I said walking towards her window to un draw the curtains, she stopped me before I could. “do not open those curtains bunmi, I beg you!” she yelled as tears rolled down her cheeks. Mama had been depressed for a while now, well since papa and aunt. Mariam’s passing. She had not been out in a while, she locked herself up in her room and didn’t speak to anyone, when she did it was probably for a while and she went back to her singing and to her sewing. Every day was the same old routine.

She pushed me out of her room and slammed the door. As I fell unto the floor I couldn’t help but cry, I could hear mama cry too. I knocked on the door but she didn’t budge . I felt so bad for spoiling her morning.

Mama was depressed, she saw dad everywhere she went, every little thing remind her of him, it was kind of annoying, but it was love, true love. Something genuine and till today I can’t break that, I watch her cry, sing and sew and there’s nothing I can do about it. Only if the dead could speak.

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