I sit there with tears in my eyes, why can’t anyone ever understand me?
Why do I constantly fee like I’m alone in this world?
Why must I experience physical suffering before I can laugh?
Why must everyone hurt me, why?

The people I think are forever there for me end up being snakes sliding up my back
The people I think I can call my friends end up being the antagonists
The people I think I can love, never have mutual feelings
Why must everyone hurt me, why?

Do you know how it feels to cry yourself out before you can sleep?
To constantly have the fear that someone who’s there for you could be gone tomorrow
To know that everything doesn’t last forever an you can’t do anything about it?
Why do I hurt myself, why?

Why do I let people get the best of me?
why do I smile when people throw hurtful words at me?
Why can’t I be brave?
Why can’t I stand up for myself?
Why do I hurt myself , why?

Why can’t I realise that people aren’t worth it?
Why do i keep running back to those who hurt me? its like a contact force , I can’t help it
It’s like I become so happy that their here for me again and I think the scars have healed then they hurt me even more and the scars get even deeper
why can’t I perceive the significance….people are devils

Why can’t I just be happy for once, without anything obstructing my happiness?
Why must I continue to ask why?

6 thoughts on “Tired.

  1. I know what your going through may seem like an on going feeling like as if you can’t trust anyone or hard to let people in because they have let you down in the past before. Believe me I used to be like that and I still am I also write like you do and one day I will publish what I write. Your writing is amazing. Just know that whatever happens that god loves you and he will never give you something that he knows that you cannot overcome. I know that everyone says that everything happens for a reason and it really does who knows god has something in store for you. Being positive and having a positive mind set helps you a lot. I’ve had my share of a sad story and as for those people who have let you down you don’t need them in your life if all they are going to do is bring you down and hurt you even more then they aren’t worth your time or enegery. People come and go and to test a friendship is when you go through a tough time you know who your true friends are is if they stick around and help you through it all or they leave you and talk about you behind your back. People can be so decieving even the ones that we can “friends”. Reading your work has made me more motivated and inspired. You really are a great writer

    1. Thank you so much for this I’ve actually been having a very terrible day but you have made me smile, you have no idea how much this means to me you really dont. I will love to read your writing some day 🙂 x Thanks again x

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