Looking forward to a wonderful 2013.

So ever since late November, people have been ranting on how awful this year had been for them. These people included me.

2012- Before (some weeks ago) Thinking of 2012 I would have described it as a punishment thinking of all I went through but now I refer to it as a lesson.

“For every mistake you learn a lesson”

. I loathed the fact that tears filled my eyes uncountable times this year for different reasons; so many ridiculous things. But some days ago I sat down and thought. The only things those tears did was make me stronger & wiser.

Trust. I used to tell anyone anything ’cause to me everyone I had conversed with was a friend, not knowing I was only opening doors for my enemies to used to stab me in the back. Trust isn’t something you give out to anyone, you only give it out to people that deserve it. this year taught me that my trust is something that must be earned.

Friendship. In late 2011 like around this time ; my mum gave me a talk about friends, she said “having so many friends might seem like a joy ride but friends will sometimes let you down” I looked at her and nodded but i really didn’t care, I had so many friends around me and I was so happy. I came into 2012 with the same amount of friends and gained even more as the year continued but by summer I was left with only three. I realised that a friend is someone I can share my sorrows, intimacy, happiness and secrets with and I can’t do that with everyone. I realised that friends weren’t even necessity’s , friends or no friends my life would go on.

…..Basically I had to learn things the hard way , while I went through all this I didn’tunderstand the importance I felt like the whole world had turned against me but it was only training me for a better year ahead. I’ve been so happy lately even with some of the bullshit, I still go through , but I just laugh and ignore because I can only be grateful.

A while ago i joined the cdc (community development committee) in my school , at first it was just an excuse to skip class , but somehow, someway I learnt a lot. We complain everyday bout this and about that. Because we got a White tee shirt instead of black, because we didn’t go for a party, because of soo many irrelevant things and we hardly find time to say thank you, but not to anyone but to God.

Thank you because we have a roof over our heads, thank you because we have water to drink, because we have parents that can irritate us, because we have pillows on our beds, because we have shoes, because we can talk, because we can smile….there are a million things I could think of right now that i couldn’t earlier on. We have clear sterilised water to drink while some unfortunate kids are wishing they could even have dirty water. They are no better than us , we were all made in the same image of our lord, we are just more privileged and we often take this for granted.

This year birth a lot of deaths .
R.I.P to the passengers of the Dana airline crash x
R.I.P Bernard x
R.I.P Caitlyn x
R.I.P to the kids of Connecticut x
R.I.P to our leaders x
R.I.P to Drakes Grandma x
R.I.P Remi Lagos x
R.I.P Victoria Soto x
R.I.P Whitney Houston x
R.I.P Sherman Hemsley x
R.I.P Micheal Duncan x

….and so many others

Lord i thank you for mercy .

Well, I’m looking forward to a wonderful 2013 and I hope you are too . Happy new year guys, may this year only bring us favours. Amen. 

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