Boys or Devils?

I was scrolling through my TL (twitter) a few days ago, only to realize that a large amount of people had climbed on the rave that is ‘wordpress’ and it dawned on me that I had one! Funny enough I had forgotten about this page where I would come to pour out my feelings, where I would write stories that I was to timid to show. This page that was my escape from life. I thought of deleting this blog “Why was I keeping it” “I’m not the same person anymore” but thing is as I read all my posts again, I realized that I am still the same person, only more independent and wise and you could also say brave. In my last two posts I was going into 2013 and now its 2014; time really waits for no one. Anyways here’s to another year! Hopefully I start using this more often for more good than bad lol.

I’m about to go against what I said in one of my previous posts- “Look i’m sorry if you want to give, go ahead and do that, people would call you slut whatever but its your life…”- I’m not going to completely disagree with this because it is somewhat very true but then again I’ve got to be real you can’t just give every guy that holla’s at you. I’ve seen someone who went from let me say being the “baddest bitch” to being “crusty” because she was apparently a “hoe” but what exactly is a hoe? I’ve seen and heard soo many different things that I can no longer distinguish a horny girl from a hoe. It is quite difficult. A girl who likes satisfying her needs is that a hoe? or rather is it someone who gives people because she would like to climb the social ladder? (I know quite a few of those lol) Anyways before I drift away from the point i’m trying to make, all i’m saying is right now you might think “I want to give this guy” but you have to think about the after effects and how its going to affect your life which basically leads to my topic “Boys or Devils”

I laughed as I repeatedly said this to myself “Boys or Devils” but girls its the truth! Most boys are just devils in disguise. Boys gossip, surprisingly more than girls. Let me be frank if you’re going to give a guy that is not your boyfriend (even though your boyfriend could also be a fuck boy on the low)  you got to be prepared. You’re going to give one guy and from there more boys are just going to start rolling in. Why? Not ’cause you’re a ‘bad babe’ but because he has introduced you to his friends as the girl who ‘sucked him up nicely’ and c’mon what boy doesn’t want that? From there you are suddenly addressed as a ‘hoe’. One thing most girls fail to realize is that sometimes, being called a hoe doesn’t mean you are one and doesn’t mean you have to accept it and become a ‘hoe’. When these other boys start rolling in you don’t have to give them, cause if you do? Lmao they will finish u. You will become that dirty slag and nobody will wife you! When you become this slag, more boys will start to roll in and as you continue to give them, they will continue to deny you. From “lol we’ve never given” to “pls. who’s that”.

What courage has been bestowed into the male child to confidently tell a girl he loves her and other things while also sending the same message to five other girls? With that comes the “side chick” term or “side hoe” whatever you would like to refer to it as, its just the number 2 or 3 or 4… choice but never the first. I always wonder why a girl would gladly reduce herself to become someone’s second choice when most of the time, someone is willing to make them their number one but no, us girls are always attracted to the assholes. In fact, some are not aware that they are side chicks. Us girls just got to start being smart and thinking ahead of boys, its really the only way you can save yourself from being used.  

Also please girls, know the guy you are dating! Why would you want to involve yourself with a guy that has gone back to the same girl four times, chances are he’s going to end up with her and you’ll be miserable. If you’ve heard soo many negative things about this guy, they are likely to be true. Don’t say “nah I trust him” Tru…?? How well do you know him to begin to talk about trust. This may seem weird but you need to research on a guy before you decide to commit yourself to him.

This brings me to this idea of “young hoe” A girl gives a guy older than her= a young hoe. Don’t really know how this makes sense but that’s what I’ve noticed especially on this twitter of a site. Who exactly is a young hoe? I personally think that a young hoe is a girl who submits herself to senior boys (normally two years older or above) in order to be known. Please if a girl is with a senior guy and gives him how does this make her a young hoe? Y’all folks amuse me. Some people believe that if a senior guy says he likes you, it is automatically equivalent to “he just wants to give” I personally being one of them. Truth is most of the time, the only reason a boy two years above you will approach you is because of your body. In time, yes; feelings could grow but it depends on how you potray yourself. Potray yourself as a hoe, and you will be treated as one. Confidence is one thing some girls lack which is why they get treated as hoes. If a guy is disrespecting you and you dislike it you have to let him know! Ignore the age difference and tell him! He says “you’re rude :s” you tell him “hes rude-er” No one has the right to treat you as a thot.

Not all boys are ‘devils’ though, most of the time they start playing girls and cheating in order to impress their friends and feel ‘cool’. I personally don’t understand how being unfaithful is cool but that’s just how we see it. There are still some perfect boys out there and luckily for me i happen to be with one of them.I really hope this posts helps…lol i’m not gonna publicize it though. Byee.

3 thoughts on “Boys or Devils?

  1. Hi Ore. Tbfh I found myself in a situation not entirely different from what I’ve visualized from this post. I think some girls are generally insecure and we’re physically and verbally weak when it comes to letting guys know what the real deal is but our emotions are stronger than theirs, so the problem is letting it all out so they let them know. However, a distinct class of girls are what I’d call “wastewomen” in the sense that they’re so fucking desperate to the point that they’d do anything to be popular or for some other selfish reason. In my case, well, I really liked this guy in y12 and well, he’s older than me by almost three years, not gonna name anyone and frankly, I gave in to what he wanted from me because I thought it was cool and that was when I ever had the deepest feelings for any guy. I did this only to realize I was physically used and the feelings were eventually not reciprocal. Down to this day, it still gives me heartache but I’ve learnt my lesson, and your post really speaks volumes. As I read it, I’ve understood a bit more why some guys in general are real turn-offs and I’m basically one of the many girls that has learnt some things from your posts. Please keep doing what you’re doing, you never know the much help it’ll render to us, girls.

    1. I totally agree with you, our emotions are stronger and sometimes we let them disrespect us because we are blinded by those emotions. I really hope you’re okay and you’ve let him go? Thank you soo much, I will xx

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