The Accent Dominant.


I’m at a salon and I can not help but notice this woman who basically can not stop faking her accent. I am sooo perplexed as to what she’s trying to do and honestly I can not stop giggling. Perhaps she’s doing this to impress this other lady that is sitting next to her who is obviously very wealthy. Lol but what I can’t comprehend is why a foreign accent is supposed to impress people. My mum and I were talking about this the other day aswell. We were watching a Nigerian show and somehow we noticed that most, if not all the on screen employees of the tv station spoke with a foreign accent. I personally think this was done purposely. This brings me to my post of today ‘the accent dominant’.

Why do Nigerians love faking accents? I’m not talking about when friends play or when we re act scenes from tv shows but I’m talking about when people actually act like that’s how they talk. Is it that to be a Nigerian is that bad to start talking in accent that youre not comfortable in and please if youre gonna fake an accent you should know how to do it. Why fake an accent and be sounding like baba sala?

Nigerians have this idea that once you sound foregin you’ll be easily accepted and i don’t understand that. Please can someone explain to me how someone that has not even left Lagos will have an american accent? It really isn’t by force. An accent is simply the way they talk, we have our accent too. Its not a trend, its somewhat like culture. How are you going to wake up one day and just determine that you want to have a Biritsh or American accent?

To continue the story about the ladies at the salon….the wealthy woman was very much aware that this lady was faking her accent ( ’cause guys the accent was that bad ) and asked her how long she had lived in America for and the conversation went like this…

“about 7 years, i only got back in December”

“Oh America? Nice, ive been there like twice for holiday i only really go to the Uk.Where do you stay?”



“Yeah, its soo much fun”

“I mean what state”


The wealthy woman no longer replied, then the lady quickly responded and said….


“How does that collerate with Yankee”

“You know now”

“I don’t know o”

“Ah its ’cause you haven’t been to America a lot of times, you would have understood, Yankee is a slang for Maryland”

“im sure it is”

I’m sure by now the wealthy woman had had her fun as she picked up her bag, stood and laughed her ass off as she walked out of the salon. It really made my day. 

One reason why people seem to think faking accents is the way to go is because sometimes with Nigerians, it really is. Loads of Nigerians respect you better when you have an accent. Its just like how a worker at a supermarket will shove you aside once a white man walks in. Everywhere on tv, we see Nigerians faking their accents. Even in some of our movies which are meant to be “Nollywood” and like the tv station i talked about earlier were every on screen employee had an accent! Why do we always run away from our true identinty with every chance we get? Why do we run away from being Nigerian? Even accent’s have come to take control of our identity. Please stop trying to impress people. Talk the only way you know how to! With your nigerian accent! Your accent is your identity and if youre going to be faking your accent then you’re pretending to be somoene youre not. You’re Nigerian therefore embrace it just as the British and Americans embrace their own culture! 

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