269 to 234

“ Um Akin please what’s the exchange rate from pounds to Naira”


“alright. Thanks”


The above was a conversation between two of my bosses during my work experience about two weeks ago. Obviously I was eavesdropping as I was interested in knowing what the exchange rate was because I had hoped it would have dropped from the previous alarming 282. As Mr. Akin said 269, I was expecting a surprised reply from Mrs. U (the lady who had asked) but no! Her reply was as calm as it could get whilst I sat there as perplexed as ever waiting for anyone else in the office to shout. It was a waste of my time; waiting, instead of going on with my work because no one could really be bothered.

On my way home that day I remembered it. “Why wasn’t anyone as happy as I was?” I thought. “Why wasn’t anyone confused either?” Wasn’t it worth happiness and confusion? It was then I realized that most Nigerians couldn’t care less. Nigerians have given up!

{ given up } That to me, is the major problem in Nigeria. For the citizens of a nation to no longer want to stand up for themselves or fight for their rights, but instead sit back and move on day to day, read the newspapers and reply the humiliating news headlines with an “eyahh. I hope they are safe.” That to me is the major problem with our country.

I was not as fortunate to be alive in the days when Chinua Achebe was still a young boy but from previous books I have read {The trouble with Nigeria , There was a country} I have been open to see the old Nigeria. The Nigeria which was glowing from the British’s indirect rule. (obviously I mean before the Biafran war)  I could only dream of a Nigeria like that, or hopefully a better one.


There is one thing that has constantly been troubling me that I have always wanted to speak up about and that is the case of the young boy (Daniel Ihekina) who reportedly hid in the tyre hole of Arik  Air flying from Benin to Lagos in August 2013. Now this boy thought he was headed to the USA. (obviously he was not educated enough to know that a plane can not travel from Benin state to the U.S). On my way home from school last year, I was listening to the radio and there I heard that the boy was being offered a scholarship :s. Ahem??? Was that what was supposed to be happening, or rather our leaders were supposed to sit down and ponder on why he would risk his life to leave their country. Let’s imagine he had actually got on the plane to the U.S, Daniel would be long gone. Priorities need to be set. Im not saying a scholarship is bad but to me, it wasn’t the most important thing to be done at that time.


I sat in the car on my way to work on a hot day; I think about two days ago. I dropped the novel I was reading at the time ( There was a country ) and picked up a newspaper. Reading through it, I read about the girls who had been kidnapped from their schools in Borno. Now from the day of the exchange rate incident I had already planned out my post because I was looking forward to posting about that although I was too lazy to pick up my laptop but now another thing had grasped my attention….these school girls. Why people would be soo evil to kidnap young innocent girls from their school and then burn down houses as they leave is beyond me.

I later forgot about it as there wasn’t really anything to remind me because our leaders weren’t talking about it, it seemed like the whole thing had died down, it seemed like Nigerians had given up. A few days ago the BringBackOurGirls hashtag thing started. Nigerians were being active! Imagine my excitement? When about two weeks ago I was going to put up a post about us learning to fight. Nigerians were fed up and had finally realized that it was time to fight and with the hashtags, petitions, posts on instagram and other social sites, we Nigerians pleaded for help and at the end of the day we were able to make our cries noticeable  to not only West Africa, but to the whole world. It is amazing how much can be achieved by simply standing up for what you believe in. Those girls are alive, Those girls will return home. If the only thing you can do is pray, then do so. Prayer helps. People rumble and mumble about how ‘prayer with no action yields no difference’ but in this case it does. Your prayers will keep those girls alive, your prayers will bring back those girls. It all has to do with faith. #BringBackOurGirls!




5 thoughts on “269 to 234

  1. Ore well done! this one of your best posts so far and certinately my fav, i love how i can relate to it and also how deep it is. The maturity of your words and mind is very visible keep us the good work. Also never forget to stand up in what you believe in

  2. Omg, I’m so proud of you and this a really amazing write up. Keep doing what you do best baby the sky is a limit but space it your limit lol. Im anxious to read what you have next 😘 Ily

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