Don’t get it twisted.

So ever since the video of Solange hitting her brother in law (jay z) became viral, I have seen soo many disturbing tweets so I felt I should address the topic or rather issue that is ‘gender inequality’.

According to Wikipedia, ‘Gender inequality’ refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender. A more qualified woman’s job given to a man simply because of his gender; that is gender inequality. A woman saying that only females get raped; that is gender inequality.


Why would anyone say Jay-Z shouldn’t hit her back because she’s a woman? I personally believe Jay-z shouldn’t hit her because she’s a human. We don’t even know why she hit him! Hitting anyone is wrong irrespective of gender.


How does someone sit down and think of this and have the confidence to actually let the public view it. How can you compare the two?? Solange’s case was not a joke; yes but it can not be compared to the case of Chris and Riri. I mean we saw the pictures! Chris brown defaced Rihanna. Only an obtuse person will compare the two. These cases are tooo different. It has nothing to do with gender. It’s about the result of the hitting.

As if those two were not bad enough, I came across the most disgusting picture I have ever seen.


Without arguing, I will reply.

Ever heard of comfort women? These were women and girls forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese imperial army during World War II. Oh that’s not enough? Lieutenant Colonel Annie Ruth Graham, First Lieutenant Sharon Anne Lane,Captain Eleanor Grace Alexander, Second Lieutenant Pamela Dorothy Donovan; all civilian and military women who died in the Vietnam war. So don’t sit there and say no woman has been forced to die in war.

Women lack ambition? That is such a stupid thing that only an uneducated person will say. You can not generalize ambition as even some males lack it. Ambition is not about gender. Now yes it’s a fact that most of the time women are paid less than men and that is only because women are mostly drawn to the caring professions which people rarely classify under the term ‘occupation’. A woman working in a company can get as much, even more than a man as long as she is intelligent.

If indeed we lack enough logical reasoning skills to take difficult decisions in a sound manner, why are we now allowed to vote?

Isabel Martinez de Pèron president of Argentina 1974-76
Vigdis Finnbogadóttir president of Iceland 1980-96
Agatha Barbara president of Malta 1982-87
Corazon Aquino president of Philippines 1986-92
They are way more female leaders so please get facts right next time.

Kevlar, Monoply, circular saw. Few of the things invented by women. Go ahead and gooogle them.

I could go on and on but I have decided to stop here. A woman is worth more than her beauty and bearing children, because a woman can not procreate does not mean she can now be classified as ‘worthless’.Women are superhero’s. I am not only in support of women but I just had to clarify the balderdash someone had the courage to cook up. I believe humans deserve to be treated equally irrespective of gender.

5 thoughts on “Don’t get it twisted.

  1. Wow ! I’m not feminist or fighting for equality and all that cause tbvh a woman can get paid as much as a man and still feel unequal. Same thing with racism- there are laws against it and all but people still feel unequal. I won’t lie discrimination exists but you have to make up your mind to live above it. Freedom and equality is a state of mind

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