Una sensazione differente

…and even when I decided to decamp from the sphere and force myself to learn an alien language just so your name be removed from my lips, mind, heart
it sat there lingering on
piercing every part of my body, holding on as if trying to survive, forcing itself to not be forgotten

and it worked…

Una Sensazione differente is what you had given to me and for this you have ruined me
every time your name begins it’s fight with my capsule I try to determine if this is competent
or rather just unacceptable
I try to determine If I should feed it or let it starve and die

but the truth is I want it to fight
in my head I cheer it on as it
fights for survival I want you
to stay

You are my sensazione diversa; my morning coffee
You are
my breath

And yes I repeat you have ruined me
With your care, your love, your actions
I have never felt more

And yes again that word does not exist, I created it
But as there is no existing word to describe how I feel
Be it

2 thoughts on “Una sensazione differente

  1. J’adore ‘Una Sensazione differente’. Its a talented piece of work, I’ll be expecting to see more like this…

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