Boys or devils 2: Girls are devils too.

So I got a few e-mails asking me to shed more light on the ‘boys or devils’ issue but I really didn’t know what exactly to talk about. I had a little chat with two of my friends and decided to talk about cheating. Is your bae really your bae?

Most girls don’t want to hear this but to talk about why boys are devils, you kinda need to know. It’s partly because of us; girls. Yes.

1.the ones who allow them get what they want
2. The ones who feel like they should get boys back.

Now number 1 girls are the silly ones with low self respect. You know those girls you see and you just get angry. Those ones who let themselves be used? Okay we all know what a side chick is but I never knew people allowed themselves to be side chicks. I always thought it was those scenarios where the person was lied to and didn’t even know they were the side chick but damn lol; some girls know and damn lol they like it. When you allow someone else’s boyfriend to devour you, you are only moulding him into a “devil”, whether you are his side chick or it was just a one time thing. I can never understand how people do that; give someone else’s boyfriend. See it’s human to want but it’s not everything we want we must get. So now how do you become someone’s second girlfriend,but feel like your next boyfriend shouldn’t have a you?

Number 2 girls: “he hurt me, now I’m gonna be a hoe and hurt every boy who likes me” You are stewpid. Ever think that was why the boy hurt you? Cause he had the same foolish reasoning? Revenge is one of the worst things you can ever do to someone because whether you like it or not, you are going to harm yourself too. The thing is a few boys I have spoken to about relationships and why they play girls have said they were heart broken and they just don’t trust girls. Both the number 2 girl and boys like this are…say it with me….stewpid! Until people start to place themselves in other peoples shoes before taking action, there will never be peace.

I write these two points (1&2) yet none of them describe me. Not 1 & not 2. I’m sure most people relate. But we still get hurt isn’t it? Funny. This is because number 1 girl and number 2 influence the world ( lol that sounds sooo cliché) and number 3 girls like me? We’re just part of the cycle and now at the end we realize that not only boys are devils but we girls are devils too and lol it’s just a cycle that keeps going on until two people decide to grow up and leave boy and girl behind and become man and woman and that’s why kids aren’t allowed to love; because kids are kids and I guess I’m just an old woman in a kid’s body.

2 thoughts on “Boys or devils 2: Girls are devils too.

  1. How am I just discovering you? It’s perplexing and also quite exciting. I love how you’re so confident in your writing and how confident you seem. Ore, I want to be like you when I grow up. Hopefully, I’ll be confident to show people my writing so proudly some day soon. Keep being brilliant babes. I’m proud

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