End. / Wake.

One day I woke up

Without the urge to hear your voice

My mind completely detangled from thoughts of you

I no longer cared:

To be your motivation;

To be the spinal cord to your dreams and aspirations

I no longer cared to hear you cry

About misguided plans and female fans

I would no longer be your shrine

where you created your fantasies of what a woman should look like

or feel like

I would not become your form of escape

You, a glass that I was desperate to fill

All this while blind to the fact that

I was emptying me

I accepted the love?

, you gave me because

that was all I knew love to be

destructive, chaotic, one sided

But I woke up and,

I realised that

You were simply

the distraction to my lack of self love

My lack of self awareness,

Was hidden in the moments of

your glorification.

3 thoughts on “End. / Wake.

  1. I love it I loVe it I love it and I’m not. just saying this because I’m your best friend and because I just drank a whole bottle of wine alone but I love it and it made me feel like I understood my life you know?

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