As the words " the terror from the Muslims" divulged from my teacher's mouth; the girl at the other table stared at me I sat there impotent as her eyes attempted to transfix me I  felt arrested and violated I adjusted my hijab and tried to sink into it. She loathed me, I could tell [...]

Una sensazione differente

...and even when I decided to decamp from the sphere and force myself to learn an alien language just so your name be removed from my lips, mind, heart it sat there lingering on piercing every part of my body, holding on as if trying to survive, forcing itself to not be forgotten and it [...]

Don’t get it twisted.

So ever since the video of Solange hitting her brother in law (jay z) became viral, I have seen soo many disturbing tweets so I felt I should address the topic or rather issue that is 'gender inequality'. According to Wikipedia, 'Gender inequality' refers to unequal treatment or perceptions of individuals based on their gender. [...]

Do you like my bod?

The fat girl cries in class because she was just told that she was basically what she was; fat. Why was she crying? Was it because someone told her she was fat when that is in fact what she is? Now I see no reason for her to cry because she was basically giving them [...]

269 to 234

“ Um Akin please what’s the exchange rate from pounds to Naira”“269”“alright. Thanks” The above was a conversation between two of my bosses during my work experience about two weeks ago. Obviously I was eavesdropping as I was interested in knowing what the exchange rate was because I had hoped it would have dropped from the [...]


He told you you're beautiful, he told you he loved you...then you found out he told Ifeoma and Lamide the same thing last night and you cry your eyes out and think you're dumb? Girl, you are not stupid! You follow your heart only to be led astray and you think you're dumb? Girl you [...]


We spend our day to day lives criticizing our country She is bad, a bag of refuge She is a waste We spend our day to day lives planning on ways to leave the nation I will go, I must go And then you're gone If we Nigerians only sit back and complain Only lay [...]


"Childhood should be carefree; playing in the sun, not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul." A quote by Dave Pelzer in his autobiography 'A child called it'. In this book he portrays his life between the ages of 4-12 and talks about the severe abuse he suffered. He writes about how his [...]