Sensitively, me.

I used to battle my emotions with even more emotions I would turn my eyes into buckets of tears because when I hurt, the pain is outstandingly more than suffering a violent punch to the heart and when I love, I feel a thousand and one emotions at a time I feel in a thousand [...]

End. / Wake.

One day I woke up Without the urge to hear your voice My mind completely detangled from thoughts of you I no longer cared: To be your motivation; To be the spinal cord to your dreams and aspirations I no longer cared to hear you cry About misguided plans and female fans I would no [...]

Picks of the month: 1

Hey lovelies! So I decided to start a segment on the blog about my favourite creative picks of the month and also tell you guys why I love them so much, so without much ado, here are my top three. 23rd Economic Summit Dike Chukwumerije  stood on the podium at the 23rd economic Summit of Nigeria [...]


I lay, as the moon almost quickly regrets its existence and fades into oblivion and soon enough the sun takes it's place I still lay there and for the first time in a long time i was at peace with my own solitude I still ~ lay there and in the days to come I [...]