The Accent Dominant.

  I'm at a salon and I can not help but notice this woman who basically can not stop faking her accent. I am sooo perplexed as to what she’s trying to do and honestly I can not stop giggling. Perhaps she’s doing this to impress this other lady that is sitting next to her [...]

Boys or Devils?

I was scrolling through my TL (twitter) a few days ago, only to realize that a large amount of people had climbed on the rave that is 'wordpress' and it dawned on me that I had one! Funny enough I had forgotten about this page where I would come to pour out my feelings, where I [...]


Hey, Okay so some days ago I got this little English assignment to write a story and it has to be suspense filled. I started on one already, but i don't know whats it about i don't even know if its good. Well um you guys probably know my other story which i posted here [...]


I am so dissapointed with the lack of individuality and intelligence with some people. Like really? So a few minutes ago, on my other blog i posted about three pictures of me which showed a little cleavage and then this tumblr people decided "Let's start a riot" and i'm like "Lool woah" Anyways... As you [...]